Tourism Information System

360º creations, audio guides, avatars and virtual tours

If you already have a tourism information systemWhy not include all the content that they make in all the channels at the same time, not in complicated sections, but in the content itself to be able to have access to videos, tours, audio guides, all unified and adapted to the different supports either vertically or horizontally.

Take your catalog of resources and make it more attractive with 360 tours either with real photos or with virtual recreations of castles, ruins to see their evolution over time, also thanks to GPT we can make audio guides in up to 95 languages to facilitate the accessibility of the contents.

Actions Plan Sustainability

. Visual/virtual environments: videomapping/virtual/augmented reality.

Development of WAI-AA accessibilityimprovement initiatives .

Digital contents, audio guides and avatars.

Characteristics of the Tourism Information System


Camera 6k Super 35 sensor 6144 x 3456 high resolution HDR, dual native ISO.
Drone with camera with a minimum sensor of Super 35 or similar with a minimum resolution of 6k (6144 x 3456 pixels).

360º VIDEO

Cameras with a minimum micro 4/3 sensor with a minimum resolution of 8k and 10 bits will be used.


A medium format sensor camera with a resolution of 30,000 x 15,000 pixels will be used.
Aerial Gigapixel made with a drone with a minimum sensor of Super 35 or similar with a final resolution of 40,000 x 20,000 px.


In each virtual tour, a minimum of 15 points of interaction will be developed, in each visit, where the materials to be generated are, for example, 360º photographs, 360º videos, audios, photos, 3D images, highlighted texts, PDFs, URLs, etc., based on the information provided by the client, in each case.

. Inclusion of icons to share the virtual tour on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
. Icon that can display the 360º aerial photography.
. 360º background ambient sound icon.
. Icon to switch to VR view.
. Language selection icon, English/Spanish. (Translations are provided separately).
. Inclusion of access to statistics web panel, in order to be able to analyze the behavior of virtual visitors during the use of virtual tours through a system of metrics that, respecting the provisions of the Organic Law 3/2018 of December 5, 2018, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, allows for to know the behavior of the museum’s virtual visitor: number of users, geographic location, time of complete visit, time dedicated to each viewpoint, etc.


We can take each content and pass it to audio guide thanks to GPT even put a virtual assistant, in principle you can translate up to 95 languages, by default each content is translated into up to 4 languages to choose from, but can be extended to as many as necessary.