What is a touchscreen digital totem and how does it work?

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What is a touchscreen digital totem?

There are a bunch of different names that refer to these types of devices, from digital display totem and interactive totem to touchscreen digital totem and advertising totem.

A touchscreen digital totem is a monitor built into a visual communication support that can be used both outdoors and indoors. 

They are usually installed in spaces with high pedestrian traffic: think shopping centres, airports, train stations, hotels, even busy high streets, museums and exhibition halls.

These displays make direct communication possible. Plus, they increase sales by an estimated 25% and also boost the visibility of the advertised brand or product.

These interactive multimedia information points come in different types of materials and colours to fit every taste and needs They also feature 43″, 49″ and 55″ touch screens with protective tempered glass and a Windows license.

Features of a touchscreen totem:

  • Interactive: An extensive range of options means that interactive advertising totems spark curiosity, interest and customer engagement.
  • Eye-catching: Large, bright and with a modern edge, these displays make content accessible to everyone.
  • Versatile: Programming is managed internally or remotely via a multimedia content manager.
  • Simple: Easy to install with automatic programming.

How does a touchscreen digital totem work?

Digital totems have a vertical monitor with full HD resolution and a built-in touchscreen system paired with high-quality equipment. 

It features a two-touch system that replaces the mouse and keyboard found on a regular monitor, giving users the power to interact with content by simply touching the screen.

This touchscreen system, which comes in either an optical or infra-red version, has an approximately 8 millisecond response time and an accuracy of 2.7 mm. 

Digital totems are both easy to install and ready for instant use. Wi-Fi and an HDMI input port deliver connectivity and the possibility of displaying content from another screen.

This advertising solution also comes in a variety of sizes and offers dynamic information on full HD LED screens with a resolution of 1080×1920. 

They simplify the user experience, offering comprehensive information on any subject depending on the company and/or sector it is for. 

The can be seen from a wide range of angles, making them the perfect solution for crowded spaces. They are available as mini PCs with Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processors.

This touchscreen signage offers customers the ultimate interactive platform, with all information readily available at the touch of a finger. 

You can efficiently manage the content you play at any time of day or night. 

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Features of an advertising digital totem

• Customising digital totems:
Even though there are a range of different totems to choose from, every client has a specific need. That’s why companies that make digital totems opt for customisation in terms of features, colours, shapes and finishes. 

We offer a wider range of possibilities based on promotional policies or guidelines shaped by the company’s or organisation’s corporate identity.

• Superior visibility:
We can also customise digital totem features and finishes: they can be adapted to specific size requirements, designs, customer preferences and the strategic location where the features impact the way the totem draws the public’s attention.

• Manufacturing and finishes:
Digital totem finishes are an opportunity to further customise these displays, but as a general, totems are crafted in robust, high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear, providing enhanced reliability and durability in public spaces and places with a high flow of passengers.

• Interactive touch screen:
This type of screen makes it possible to navigate booking websites, complete surveys and advertise via interactive advertising campaigns.

• Digital signage:
Ads from one or more advertisers are displayed in loops when the screen is idle and no one is interacting with it. This is a great way to promote events, attractions or whatever your company wants to feature.

• Real-time data:
Connectivity makes it possible to display real-time data off the internet, including websites and environmental detectors that are either remote or installed on the totem itself. This means it can provide air quality, weather forecast and other relevant environmental information to citizens.

• Indoor/outdoor:
Outdoor displays have a high level of brightness to make them easier to see and prevent vandalism. Ventilation and air conditioning systems can be optionally included to cope with the most extreme weather conditions. 

Indoor displays, on the other hand, have a reduced screen brightness and do not require additional equipment. Both models have a built-in sound system and speakers.

Guidance from a technical team and professional advisers is always a good idea when it comes to choosing the right interactive totem for you

At iUrban, we offer a complete catalogue of totems to choose from along with the support of our team of experts to help make the process even more efficient.

With iUrban you’ll be able to choose from different features, sizes (we have totems that range from 43” to 55”) and touch screens, taking into account the features of the operating system and the budget you have to give your business a more technological edge. 

Our digital devices have two USB ports for charging any device, and can be equipped with cameras for selfies with a 5 mpx CMOS sensor and high resolution.

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Advantages of using digital advertising totems

• This type of advertising display is extremely easy to handle.
• Easy to transport, they can be placed anywhere in a business, window display or point of sale.
• Low investment, high profitability.
• Attract the attention of potential customers.
• You can schedule content by date and time, which translates into savings of both time and money.
• Longer life.

The evolution of advertising using digital totems

Digital totems are monitors that are built into a support, which can be either an outdoor digital totem or an indoor digital totem. These digital devices are usually set up in places with a lot of foot traffic, like shopping centres, train stations, hotels and high streets with heavy traffic, museums and exhibition halls.

Digital totems make direct communication possible. According to statistical studies, adding one of these digital devices to the places mentioned above results in a more than 25% increase in sales, boosting the brand and/or product advertised.

These displays are an extremely compelling advertising tool that companies can harness to advertise their products or services through dynamic images. According to research, users pay more attention to moving pictures, which makes this type of advertising more effective in terms of face value for the end customer.

Companies will sometimes use LED or LCD totems not just to market a product or service, but also to provide their customers with useful and relevant information.

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