Digital tourism office
with Information Point

atraer mas turistas-cicerone

One of the keys of tourist offices is their privileged location, but what if the office closes due to lack of resources? Why not use its location to capture tourist information? 

But wait a minute, why would you touch a screen if you can see it on your mobile, and I agree, the old screens with infinite directories did not bring much value, but what if what the screen does is to customize your trip in less than 10 seconds and act as a information point Would you play? 

Thanks to GPT we can finally have virtual assistants that are very similar to what we would say with the open office, for this we have what we need to have a digital office open 24/7.

What if the office is open? Give tourists an immersive experienceTo make him so loyal that he wants to come back to see what he has not had time to see, for this you can use high definition screens with information point to make him want to come back, and we also have a patent so that whenever the current or the internet goes out and when he comes back, they continue to work thanks to the UCR.

Sustainability Plan Actions

. Tourist information point 24h. 

. Outdoor totems and digital displays.

. Management of signage equipment.

. Digitized office.

. Accessibility of tourist offices.

. Tourist digital signage, QRs and NFC.

Characteristics of the Information Points

Digitize all office processes to avoid wasting time on manual tasks and to keep everything on record, digitizing the 3 areas of an office.

Counter area

Informer 55 wall-mounted or floor-standing
The easiest is to be able to share a monitor of at least 55″ with your laptop or PC, to use the 2 screens and share, videos, images and explain routes in a more visual way, for this you can share your screen with an HDMI cable or wirelessly with a Bluetooth receiver.

Videowall LCD and LED screens
They can be adapted to the room and are more economical. The most common 2x2m are usually:

Waiting area

55″ totems or interactive lecterns
Designed to provide information when there are queues or to help the technician to inform in a visual way, if you want to use the support to display campaigns, it is better to opt for a totem or vertical monitor.

Facade and exterior.
24H information point and
digital signage

A Wall mounts or interactive display cases 23.6″ to 32″
The main advantage over a totem pole is that, being smaller, they do not require civil works, they are wall-mounted and allow easy reporting as they are powered from the inside by cable. They also have usb cell phone charging for tourists.

B 32″ to 55″ outdoor totems
They need civil works (footings), large interactive screens to impact with travelers independently from the office, and thus cover more tourist spots in the destination.

Interior equipment

Oficina malaga
Caso Exito Islantilla2
Caso Exito Cartaya

Interacting from the outside

Punto información1
Punto información2
Punto información3

What does an Information Point include?

Creation of all audiovisual equipment and assignment of the different contents and visuals. Creation of up to 3 reels of videos (stand by) according to the type of tourist with the client’s content.

Installation, configuration and maintenance to ensure warranty 3 years, turnkey.

Configuration of the Remote Control Unit (RCU) so that, if the equipment loses power or the internet, it is not necessary to send a technician and have the equipment monitored remotely.

Management software for scheduling power on, power off and incident alerts.

Depending on the model, modules such as Cicerone planner, selfie, street map, weather and other sensor data, such as air quality, are included.

Ticketing platform to open any type of incident and resolution of doubts.

Plugin to be able to display the contents according to the required accessibility AA.

Linux computers to be able to log in remotely and not have to pay for Windows-like operating system updates.