Interactive totems: The perfect solution for attracting tourists

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Interactive totems have quickly emerged as a popular solution for small towns and large tourist destinations alike. 

The point is to create unforgettable experiences for tourists. These tall, free-standing digital displays offer a unique and engaging way to interact with users, whether in a town hall, tourist information office or other locations.

Interactive totems enhance the tourist experience by displaying all kinds of information and services in an interactive, entertaining way that captures visitors’ attention and keeps them engaged for longer.

From touchscreens to augmented reality, these totems offer endless possibilities for creating unforgettable experiences that make a lasting impression. 

In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of using interactive totems and how they can help you take all your processes digital.

Benefits of using interactive totems

Interactive totems offer several benefits that aim to enhance the visitor experience, including:

Interact with your visitors

Visitors can interact with your products and services in a fun, fast and engaging way, the interactive totem not only providing a better experience but also allowing you to personalise the tourist experience.

Interactivity is a major factor in attracting and retaining more visitors to the destination, since they can get content on their smartphones by scanning QR codes. It’s also an innovative way to find out their tastes, preferences and interests and then use this information to show them curated content.

Collect tourist data

Interactive totems can help businesses collect customer data. Businesses can use this data to improve the customer experience and tailor their product and service offerings, harnessing the information to create a more personalised customer experience.

Increase reach and visibility

Interactive totems can be installed in high-traffic locations, helping businesses reach a wider audience and grow their brand recognition.

Makes it easier for tourists to remember the destination

This cutting-edge technology results in better interaction with visitors, since people remember experiences more easily through digital totems than through traditional advertising. 

These devices are a powerful and precise tool for attracting visitors to the product or service you showcase and better connect visitors with the destination’s social, cultural, sports and services in general. You’ll have the collaboration of all local businesses, in turn helping to channel more customers their way and promote their product or service.

You’ll be able to position your area as a tourist destination by taking advantage of the benefits that new technologies make possible.


Beneficios de usar tótems interactivos

Content management

Another benefit of using these innovative digital devices is the ability to display images or videos that can be updated remotely. This is particularly convenient for fast-changing information unrelated to the company or tourist information point.

You can add new content, change the order that content is shown and for how long from your own servers. Content can also be completely personalised

to achieve the ultimate goal: keeping tourists fully updated in terms of places to visit, opening hours, prices, events, news, or anything else that you want to showcase using eye-catching, visually compelling content.


Sustainable tourist destination

With digital totems, you can turn your tourist destination into a sustainable one because it allows you to cut down on waiting times, save paper and boost visitor satisfaction through a more immersive visual experience.


More cost-effective than other ways of advertising the tourist destination.

This is one of the factors to take into account when it comes to deploying tourist totems. Not all tourist destinations can afford certain forms of advertising, but interactive totems are a cost-effective and affordable way to promote your destination.

The enormous advantages that this form of communication provides means that choosing the right place to set up the totem is crucial. Positioning it in high traffic areas that maximise impact is essential.

In short, this avant-garde design lets you participate in different kinds of programmes, advertisements and initiatives that help to promote brands and products, not only at tourist destinations, but also at any company and any sector.

Having an interactive totem means creating interactive showcases that reach a more people than traditional displays or interactive kiosks.

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Crafting an experience with interactive totems

Designing an interactive totem experience is an important process that involves several steps.

First, it’s important to identify the goals of the experience and how they relate to the company’s brand and products.  Then you can choose the type of totem and features you need to create that tourist experience.

Once you’ve picked out which totem is right for you, the next step is to come up with a visual design that will grab and hold customers’ attention.  This can include everything from user interface design to animations and graphics.

We deliver all of this with CICERONE, a one-stop tool that can customise the entire tourist experience, providing real-time information and reducing the workload in your tourist information centre.

You can also use our tourism CRM and track  the success of your campaigns with access to all the information about your tourists so that you can analyse what worked best for you.

Interactive totem maintenance and care

Proper maintenance and care of your interactive totem is critical for ensuring optimal performance and durability. This might include regular cleaning of the display and totem components, software upgrades, and hardware troubleshooting.

It’s also important to take totem security into account. Totems should be secured and protected against theft and vandalism. It is also important to ensure that cables and other totem components are protected and safe.

Tótems interactivos

Conclusion - The future of interactive totems in the customer experience

Interactive totems are a powerful tool for enhancing the customer experience and increasing brand recognition for both businesses and any town or tourist information centre.

With features like touchscreens and augmented reality, totems offer endless possibilities for creating memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression.

As businesses look for new ways to connect with customers and enhance the customer experience, interactive totems are set to remain a popular choice. 

With their ability to attract tourists’ and visitors’ attention and create tailored experiences, interactive totems have the potential to transform the way businesses interact with customers.

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