Tourism Web Portal and Webapps
with GPT planner

When was the last time you used a travel portal to plan your next trip?

You will probably end up on Google, Tripadvisor, etc. That’s because most tourism portals are all the same and contain too much information.

What is really important, and what we like to prioritize, is that people go to the destination, and to do that you have to capture their attention, speak to them in their language and show them personalized information.

To achieve all this we use artificial intelligences such as GPT, which adapt to the person in front of them, personalizing their stay to get their email and keep in touch with them.

The only objective here is to register tourists who do not pass through the office.

Portal Web turístico

Actions Plan Sustainability

Tourism Web Portal.

Mobile application of the destination that allows obtaining relevant data for tourism management.

Development of WAI-AA accessibility improvement initiatives.

Integrated trip planner with artificial intelligence.

CRM to offer personalized information contextualized to the tourist’s reason for travel and the time of their visit.

Our web page creation service
of tourism portal with GPT

Web design and development :

Creation of a personalized tourism website adapted to the client’s “buyer persona”, focused on reaching the customer in 3 clicks maximum to the client’s content.


. Content tagging to filter by type of tourist and search engine.
. Agenda, events and activities with calendar, pdfs and content that tourists can send to their email.
. Filters to view content by popularity, distance to a selected point, language, etc.
. Integration of audioguides, 360º content, links to tickets, reservations and payment gateways.
. Contents adapted to WAI accessibility regulations and the UNE 301549 V3.2.1:2022 Standard, and compliance with the Data Protection Act and the National Security Scheme medium level.
. SEO Optimization: we optimize the website to improve its visibility in search engines, which increases the likelihood that customers will find the website through online searches. the possibility of customers finding the website through online searches.
. Integration of marketing tools: we include digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to help clients track and analyze their website traffic. Google Search Console to help clients track and analyze their website traffic.

Tourist portal planner with GPT:

Tourists can create their stay and include destination information and pdfs, such as a “shopping cart” to create their own travel guide to view it on their cell phone when they are at the destination. 

Pre-established routes

Created by tourism technicians, so that tourists can use them and modify them according to their interests, thanks to the interactive geopositioning street map.

Travel Notebook

Where the tourist can take a microsite of the web with the information he needs and a travel notebook.

CRM and Newsletter

For automated sending of campaigns of all users who register on the web.

Dashboard with AI

To know what type of tourist interacts with us, without forcing them to fill out surveys and cumbersome registrations.


A good tourism portal should contain a Blog to better position the contents of the municipality and offer personalized quality content.

WebApp and infinite QRs

All contents can be viewed on the mobile as a webapp and generate as many QRs as routes, points of interest or elements you want to highlight.

What does the Tourist Portal service include?

Consulting to analyze the buyer persona and focus the web messages to the target customer and the web “copys” to attract tourists.


Customized dump, tagged with attributes by artificial intelligence and technicians to customize both the stay and the content template, logos, colors and fonts.

CMS to be able to edit all the web pages, headers, even the CRM and newsletter.

Creation of routes based on technician specifications.

Configuration of the labeling of all resources with GPT to be able to customize the experience, include the type of tourist, type of resource and duration of the visit to generate the route.

Content adapted to design visuals in web format, webapp for mobiles and tablet or totems.

Training and support included in the maintenance.

Hosting during the service or “on premise” installation depending on the type of contract.

Ticketing platform to open any type of incident and resolution of doubts.

WAI (AA)accessibility adaptation and LOPD compliance.