Management software of digital tourist offices
records, surveys and ERP

Screens to open the office 24/7 by digitizing tourist service

Digital Tourist 23

Ametic Award: Tourism Intelligence
in Digitalization of Tourism Offices

What is...
a 24/7 digital office ?

We do the turnkey, screens and videowalls, furniture and content design to make an immersive tourism office 2.0.

Servicio 24-7

Creation of records and surveys for the different offices and online channels (web, RRSS)


Management and monitoring of all office audiovisual equipment (tablets, video walls, totems, monitors).


Information module to make the route digitally to the tourist and send it to his mail with GPT (paperless).


CRM for loyalty to visitors registered through any channel.


Provide 24/7 service when the office is closed. Sustainable storefronts and facade supports.


ERP Management with stock, suppliers, and sustainable goods receipts and issues. Save costs and be more sustainable.

Personalize the user experience through digitization

Cicerone - pre Back Filtros

It allows the tourist to have his own personalized guide by interests, length of stay, or type of visit. The guide can be consulted both in the office and on the visitor's own cell phone. You will be able to geolocate points of interest and much more with our application easily and from any device.

Get to know all the devices where you can deploy our technological solution. From a QR for mobile use, powerful totems, interactive displays, lecterns, or different tactile showcases.

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