Want to attract more tourists?

CICERONE: The 1st smart tourism platform with GPT
that helps tourism offices to meet their tourists

Play Video about cicerone-poster
Play Video about cicerone-poster

The first 24/7 Tourist Informer with GPT
that answers tourists in 95 languages


Can’t you keep the tourist office open and inform more visitors?


. Platform that acts as a tourist office when you close or if you do not have staff, 24×7 customizing the tourist’s trip.

. Webs, Apps and digital supports to provide sustainable information if you close, adapting the information to the tourist.

. It digitizes the entire registration process, so that the office technicians are not burdened with additional tasks and can make decisions.


Don’t know how to build loyalty, have data or attract more tourists in low season?

Oficina de turismo

. Attract the tourist from your website through the 1st tourist chatbot with GPT that answers in 95 languages any question in seconds.

. Impact the tourist with a digitized office where to create an immersive experience and capture their email to keep them loyal.

. Forget about reporting, registering and then doing the survey, do it all at once thanks to Cicerone and GPT and create a personalized route.

Digital Tourism with GPT4 Artificial Intelligence to personalize the tourist experience


Efficiently plan your route day by day before or during your stay.

Try the experience of traveling to a different city as a tourist.


Configure your own room


Consult the expert routes


A fast and easy-to-use service

Don't you know why
where to start?

Ebook-Como atraer mas turismo

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Learn about the attraction techniques of 5 destinations, how they build loyalty and keep tourists coming back. Apply it now at no cost in your municipality.

Download the free ebook of our 5 success stories and discover how to achieve your goals.

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Who are we?

At iUrban, we work with the Ministry to through Red.es and Segittur. Our mission is to adapt ourselves to you and your municipality to make Artificial Intelligence and technology accessible to everyone. everyone, that's why we work digitizing locations and making tourists get to know your area and, most importantly important: that they want to come back.

Replicates Smart cities // strategies

Our smart tourism platform adapts to the needs of each location, from 500 to 550,000 inhabitants.
Take advantage of our experience and those of the municipalities we have helped all this time. Don't let your municipality remain a solitary press release.

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