Cicerone Digital Informer with GPT

Informador Digital

High season, you have 3 people waiting in line and the visitor is asking you more and more questions, and you are waiting for it to end soon so that the rest don’t leave…

Do you feel identified? And if the satisfaction surveys were already very positive with a map, imagine what they would be like if you explained your destination with a map. digital reporterimmersive as Netflix does, rather than on paper. showing the resources, events and videos of the most interesting, do you think the visitor experience would be better?

Cicerone adapts to your tourist office so that you can inform, record and you have a compelling argument to send all the info to your mobile and save it in your CRM, and is that when we travel we want to get out of our day to day and we are excited about everything we can do, either from your pc, a tablet or if you can a monitor or videowall back where you can live the experience.

Actions Plan Sustainability

Tourist officemanagement software, ERP included.

Management of signage equipment.

. Tourism CRM.

Features of the Digital Informer with GPT

Real-time routing

Show the different resources, activities and events, with their videos, descriptions to be included in the visitor’s travel plan, search engine to be able to add resources.

Set the starting point, either from the office and the next day from the tourist’s accommodation for use on their mobile.

Caso Exito Cenicero

Send you information
personalized of all the

Pdfs, texts or files that you can view later from your email online, without the need to download anything, so you can consult them during your trip.

Travel notebook where you can include personalized information, option to print files.

Use devices to
impact the tourist

Although with Cicerone you report, plan, register and survey at the same time, you can also put only one of the modules on any device, for example, the survey on a tablet.

Accessibility module

Connect with magnetic loops, braille printers, or simply adapt your digital content to the visitor’s disability.

What does the Digital Informant service include?


Creation of all audiovisual equipment and assignment of the different contents and visuals, creation of video reels (stand by) according to the type of tourist with the client’s contents.

Adaptation of the information module to the device used by the technicians (PC, tablet or rear video wall).


Creation of routes based on technician specifications.

Training and support included in the maintenance.

Ticketing platform to open any type of incident and resolution of doubts.

Plugin to be able to display the contents according to the required accessibility AA.