Trip Planner
with GPT Cicerone

Can you imagine if you had a trip planner to customize the tourist's trip?

Thanks to cicerone’s trip planner with GPT you can do it in 10 seconds, without the need of having staff, nor the need to make a cumbersome list based on a map.

Cicerone plans the tourist’s stay and makes it a guide with web content adapted to their interests and days, as you do in the tourist office, but with 90% of tourists who do not pass through it.

A key tool compared to other destinations to anticipate and get the contact of the tourist to continue “talking” with him through the CRM until he comes.

Planificador de viaje

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Trip planner integrated with artificial intelligence.


Web portal and tourist webapps.

.Tourism CRM.

Features of the 1st Travel Planner with GPT

Cicerone allows you to adapt
the tourist by showing

A Events and agenda according to the days you plan to come.

B Content related to the type of traveler:


Type of tourist: Family, couple, friends, senior, etc.


Type of interests: Museums, parks, routes, activities at destination, events, etc.

C Creating a tour by days where the tourist can select the starting and ending point, based on popularity and visiting time (Cicerone sets the recommended time to visit the activity).

D We also ask your age and origin to further tailor your experience and record it so that we have information about who is visiting us.

E And finally, what information you want to include about the destination (transport map, telephone numbers, history of the destination, calendar of events, etc.) to send it all to your email (and thus get your “lead”).

Microsite web

Once it arrives in the mail, the tourist already has his “web microsite” adapted, to see it when he is at the destination on his mobile, or to add events until the moment arrives, as well as a travel notebook to write down everything related to the trip.

Statistics from the web

This planner is can be installed on any supportCicerone, from your website with a banner, social networks or any support at the destination, depending on the device, will indicate the type of tourist who wants to visit you and what interests them, as well as heat maps of where they are taking their route, to see which areas are not being dynamized.

1. Messages by day, week, month and year.


Allows display within the customer’s domain for mobile, desktop or media.
tablet type allowing its use with the most common web browsers: Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari and Opera, on any of the Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or iOS operating systems.

Planificador viaje
Planificador de viaje 2
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What does the trip planner service include ?

Dumping and labeling of up to 290 resources in 4 languages. After training, the customer can continue labeling and assigning the necessary categories.

Creation of tags and categories based on the “buyer persona” we want to know what they are looking for.

Customization of template contents, logos, colors and fonts. Creation of routes based on technician specifications.

Up to 3 design revisions until the client’s approval is obtained. Training and support included in the maintenance.

Hosting during the service or on premise installation according to the contracting modality and Ticketing doubts.