How to boost local businesses with digital totems



What’s the main value of a brick-and-mortar shop compared to an online platform like Amazon? The convenient location and proximity. There have been a number of attempts to boost businesses, from digital marketplaces to apps and a large number of other unsuccessful investments. But why did they fail? Because businesses don’t have the resources to deal with and update these platforms.

What attempts have worked? Local campaigns like gift certificates, discount vouchers, activities and events organised by trade associations… And what better way to make an impact than with large digital totems that display these campaigns in the busiest areas of the city?

  1. The Impact of Digital Signage on Urban Space” (2019) This paper examined the impact of digital totems on urban space in a city in Spain. The results revealed that digital totems can have a positive impact on the quality of urban space and the user experience. This type of digital signage can also have a positive influence on the identity of the city and the promotion of local culture.


Digital totems are an effective tool for boosting business, because they allow citizens and tourists to interact with the brand in real time and in a much more personalised way. 6 ways digital totems can be used to improve the customer experience and increase sales:

1. Retail campaigns: Digital totems can be used to display real-time promotions such as discounts, coupons and special offers. And, since it’s digital, the need to print out flyers and “litter” the city with paper is a thing of the past.

2. Promote events: Digital totems can be used to showcase events and promote campaigns. Ads can be customised based on location and season, increasing campaigns awareness.

3. Product information: Digital totems can provide detailed information about products, including features, technical specifications and comparisons with other products. This can help people make an informed purchasing decision.

4. Interactive catalogue: Digital totems can be used to create interactive catalogues where customers can browse products, view photos, read descriptions and compare prices. This can help customers find the right product more easily.

5. Tourist experience: Digital totems can switch languages depending on who is using the totem, providing geo-localised information about relevant local shops or products.

6. Data collection: Digital totems can collect data on customer behaviour, such as frequency of use, interaction time and shopping preferences. This data can be used to enhance the customer experience and tailor the offer to customers’ wants and needs.

In short, digital totems are a valuable tool for streamlining business by providing information, promotions and a more personalised shopping experience. Plus, the data that totems collection can help businesses tailor what they offer and enhance the customer experience.

Digital totems are monitors that are built into a stand and can be used both outdoors and indoors. The natural habitat for digital totems are high-traffic areas like shopping centres, airports, train stations, hotels…

Digital totems make direct communication easier, and statistically generate more than a 25% increase in sales, boosting the brand or the advertised product. This practical and simple solution is easy to install, durable, and comes with easy-to-use management and programming systems, all geared towards delivering high-level results and creating flawless digital communication. 

The technology behind these displays is constantly evolving and every improvement has a positive impact on the businesses that use them. This is why we see them in all sizes and shapes (vertical screen, video wall, touch screen and advertising totem). 

totem exterior

Why should you install digital totems in your shop?

The totem is an advertising trend that bridges the gap between physical businesses, digital marketing and content marketing. This innovative advertising content technique is a game changer in advertising mediums because it helps connect consumers with the advertised products while making a stronger marketing impact, enhancing the attraction of points of sale. These advantages are making digital totems an increasingly more popular choice.

Advantages of digital totems

– Attraction: Dynamic graphics and images are the perfect way to catch the eye, both inside and outside the shop window.

– Vertical: The vertical layout promotes communication and the incorporation of quick-to-read messages. Plus, all the vertical content you create for advertising totems can also be used on mobile phones.

– Branding: Totems allow you to incorporate your logo so that it can be associated with the content you’re showcasing. This boosts communication with the customer while promoting the brand at the same time.

– Presence: The messages are framed in a way that makes them stand out. They never go unnoticed.

– Mobility: Many totems have wheels so you can switch locations whenever you like, helping you to create a more effective marketing strategy.

– Convenience: Content is played automatically, which saves time. Digital totems run on their own and require no special maintenance.


Types of digital totems

Digital advertising totem

 These display your marketing message in a hassle-free way once you’ve defined and created your and can be easily managed locally or online. It is designed for immediate interaction and immediate results.

Digital LED touch-screen totem

These are perfect for consultations, purchases in a shop or for getting information from a selection of choices.

Interactive digital totem

Interactive totems display the marketing message in motion while allowing for public interaction. 

Why should you have a totem in your business?

The main purpose of the digital totem is to draw the attention of your potential customers. It also boosts your brand image and makes your advertising far more spectacular thanks to the impact it generates. It’s a highly visual advertising format. 

Digital advertising totems reflect your marketing strategy on your screen. One of the advantages is its vertical layout, which means you can maximise the features of each of the adverts you show. You can also control it from a device similar to a computer or smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

Escaparate interactivo Alhama de Murcia

The size of the totems makes them highly visible to users from further away, drawing the attention of potential customers in the area. The totems are also strong and durable, of course, crafted in long-lasting, high-quality materials for a permanent solution for promoting your business.

And that’s not all! A digital totem is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, making it an extremely effective promotional tool inside and outside your establishment 24 hours a day.

You might now be wondering: So, how much is it going to cost me to set up a digital totem in my business? Well, since a digital totem is an extremely powerful marketing tool for any business of any size, the cost is low compared to other advertising methods. 

Installing one can be very beneficial if you choose the best location for it based on your target market.

The message you decide to display on screen can be customised as many times and as often as necessary. Totems are a great way to promote your business and draw in customers. So what are you waiting for? 

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