You already know the advantages of being a smart tourism destination: offering uninterrupted services, improving tourist services, saving costs, being a sustainable destination, personalising the user experience and many more benefits about smart destinations that you can read about on our website.

I’m sure you have thought that being a smart destination is expensive and that it is only for medium or large destinations. But at iUrban we’re here to tell you how to become a smart destination with a minor contract.

Spain’s Public Sector Contracts Act defines a minor contract as a contract (in the case of supplies and services) with a value of less than €15,000. This maximum amount corresponds to the net price, excluding VAT. And we’re going to show you how you can launch your digital transformation for much less.

If you’re a small town or local authority, you likely don’t have the technical team in place that can define and roll out a smart city project. Which makes receiving a turnkey solution even more important. Turnkey includes everything from the initial report, software development, hardware devices and installation in your centre or on the street to the migration of your content and 24/7 maintenance of everything.

How much does it cost to turn a destination into a smart destination?

Well, the first option is going to surprise you. For as little as €4,700 you can implement a solution certified by the Red de Destinos Turísticos Inteligentes (Smart Tourism Destination Network): the SmartCity app, which you can access via a website, a QR code or NFC technology.

This is a multi-device app that can be downloaded from a mobile phone, tablet or personal computer and which includes all the features of smart destinations.

Your worries start to fade away when you don’t have to lift a finger to get your content into the app; our migration software will transfer all your tourism resources to our systems.

We classify your tourist resources in the most searched for categories like monuments, museums, points of interest, heritage, nature, sports, and much more, all depending on the unique tourist attractions your destination has to offer. All these resources will be geolocated and tourists will be able to use their smartphones as a GPS through well-known services such as Google Maps.

But one of the things that tourists appreciate the most is personalisation, so you can create your own itinerary and the app will guide you on your way. For those who want quicker recommendations, we have predefined routes depending on the type of tourist, their motivations, their tastes and how they travel (with their family, as a couple, etc.).

The tourism “image” and the emotional aspect are a great asset when promoting the destination, which is why our system for smart destinations can add the best photographs or include videos that have an impact on the visitor.

As we’ve already mentioned, downloading this web app (without having to install it on phones) is as easy as adding a link to your website, social media, newsletters, third-party sites or printing QR codes and making it available to tourists in tourist information centres, tourist information points, monuments, museums or municipal buildings.

Digital totems, screens, kiosks and tablets for inside your information centre

The SmartCity app is certainly a powerful option, but there are also hardware solutions that multiply its benefits, both indoors and out.

One of the ways to renovate your tourist information centre is by installing video walls. You can make an impact on visitors with the best recommendations thanks to this large-format screen. Did you know that you can build tourist loyalty or lengthen their stay by using a video wall? Schedule multimedia content with remote management through our digital signage feature.

Another of the tools that smart destinations install in their centres or information points are indoor digital totems. We offer several formats, but one of the most popular ones because of its impressive display is the 55-inch totem.

The use of interactive screens in different sizes that are either mounted on a wall or stand is also a popular option; these can be placed in strategic points around the information centre and are able to cut down on queues and reduce the consumption of printed material.

But one of the solutions preferred by tourist information centre managers is undoubtedly the interactive kiosk. At iUrban we believe that we have found the perfect size for a successful tourist experience without taking up too much space, which is why we recommend our 32-inch lectern, which can be installed in either a portrait or landscape orientation.

Last but not least, one of the tools that tourist advisers and marketing managers of smart destinations will appreciate the most is our iTab, the 10-inch tablet that takes care of tourist registration and surveys. This way staff can be dealing with more challenging queries while automatically generating analytics reports that can be used by tourism marketers to make changes to their strategy.

Outdoor information: digital totems, displays, window displays and phone booths

Outdoor digital totems, available in sizes that range from 43” to 55”, are weather-ready supports that can provide information at strategic points in the town. They can be equipped with environmental sensors to advance sustainable solutions.

You can also install our vandal-proof screens in different sizes or an interactive window display to provide after-hours service in your own information centre.

Don’t forget that iUrban is known as the startup that gives a second life to phone booths, transforming old disused booths into a solution for smart destinations.

And what can I install in my town with a minor contract?

The moment of truth is here: there are quite of few of the solutions for becoming a smart tourism destination here that you’ve like and you want to know what you can do to become a town that belongs to the Red de Destinos Turísticos Inteligentes Network of Smart Tourism Destinations).

You can have the SmartCity app for less than €10,000 and choose between an interactive window display or an outdoor display. Want more units for less than a minor contract? Choose two outdoor displays or two interactive window displays. You can also opt for a 49” outdoor digital totem together with our app for the same price. Or maybe you want the digitalised tourist information centre bundle, which includes our tourism platform, an outdoor screen, a 55” indoor totem and a tablet for registration and surveys.

And it doesn’t end here: there are many more combinations that we can offer so that you can digitalise your town for less than a minor contract. Do you have a preference? Get in touch with us and a consultant will put together a customised smart destination bundle just for you.

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