Digital window display: Everything you need to know

Escaparate digital

32” digital window display at the Abarán (Murcia) tourist information centre

Introduction to digital window displays

A digital window displays is like having a 24/7 interactive tourist and citizen information point. 

The touch screen display can provide information about the city’s tourist attractions, points of interest, citizen information and advertising.

This type of display has been specifically designed for installation in windows and to withstand sun exposure. 

As a tourist centre, standing out in such a crowded market can be challenging. With tourists having so many options to choose from, it’s important to make sure your centre is highly visible and easily accessible.

This is where a digital window display comes in. In this article we’ll take a deep dive into the advantages of a digital window display and how it can help get your tourist information centre noticed.

From optimising your website for search engines to creating engaging content, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make your tourism office stand out in the digital age.

So if you’re ready to take your tourist centre to the next level and build a digital window display that works, keep reading!


The advantages of a digital window display for your tourist information centre

There are many advantages to having a digital window display, not least of which is boosting your visibility so that you can reach more tourists.

More and more users are researching their trips and what they can do in your destination. That’s why having a solid and engaging online presence is essential. 

A digital window display is another way to underscore your centre’s credibility and authority. If your website is well designed and packed with useful information, visitors will be more likely to trust your tourist centre and recommend it to other travellers.

Another advantage of having a digital window display is that it can improve your search engine rankings. If your website is optimised, it is more likely to rank higher on a search engine results page about your destination. 

Some of the biggest advantages include:

Escaparate tactil Alhama de Murcia

32” digital window display at the Alhama (Murcia) tourist information centre

. Visibility: it can help you reach more tourists, grabbing their attention and displaying the most relevant information. Its main advantage is that it generates a strong visual impact.

. Authority: Boost your reputation, and be creative. Tourists will appreciate all the information you provide in the form of videos, creating a stand-out experience. 

. Cost savings: The upfront investment in a digital window display may seem like a lot. The maintenance cost afterwards, however, is negligible.

. Other advantages: There is no need for construction work because the system is installed inside the centre, which also reduces any potential vandalism to a minimum.

Tips for raising the visibility of a digital window display

There are a few tips you can follow to optimise your digital window display and make sure it’s getting noticed. First of all, make sure your website is well designed and easy to navigate.

Visitors should be able to find the information they’re looking for easily and get around your website seamlessly.

Another important tip is to create quality and relevant content. This includes things like blog articles, travel guides, videos, or a catalogue of resources like we do with tourism information systems. 

Content should be useful for visitors and related to your destination. Plus, be sure to update your content regularly to keep your visitors engaged and attract new ones.

You can do this easily with our tourism platform Cicerone, which harnesses the power of AI to show tourists information that’s been tailored to their needs.

Caso Exito Caravaca

49” digital window display at the Caravaca (Murcia) tourist information centre

How to measure the success of your digital window display

You can analyse and track traffic and visitor behaviour to measure the success of your digital window display. 

You can also use tracking tools and information dashboards. At iUrban, we leverage our travel planner with GPT to:

. Set up automated multi-language campaigns after obtaining the visitor’s email.

. Adapt to the tourist by displaying curated content that relates tothe traveller profile.  

. Create all types of content for different days that adapts to the tourist.

. View statistics and track the success of all campaigns.

Another way to measure the success of your digital window display is by compiling visitor comments and opinions. If visitors are happy with your website and find the information useful, they’re more likely to come back and recommend your tourist information centre to other travellers!

The future of interactive window displays in tourism

Digital window displays are set to become an increasingly popular feature of tourism marketing in the future. With more people searching for travel information online, having a strong and engaging online presence is vital. 

In short, a digital window is a valuable tool for increasing the visibility of your tourist information centre in the digital age. From optimising your website for search engines to creating engaging and relevant content, 

you’ll be able to draw more tourists to your centre, show them quality content, and most importantly, analyse all the data you collect to gain insights about what mattered most once they leave the destination.

Escaparate Interactivo iSearch

How to install an interactive window display

Before you turn your attention to the installation, you’ll first have to look at the window you want to use for the interactive window display and take photos of both the inside and outside. You’ll also have to: 

1. Measure the width and height of the glass to determine the size and position of the monitor.

2. Also measure heights and interior and exterior differences so that we can choose the right support for the monitor. 

3. Make sure that the monitor is at the eye level of visitors using the display from outside the centre, and that there is approximately 1.50 metres between the monitor’s midpoint and the floor.

4. Finally, figure out the power and data supply and we’ll start designing the vinyl that covers the monitor frame with your logo.

It is installed on the back of the glass of the windows, that is, on the side of the glass facing inside. Installation does require certain conditions, however: 

. The glass cannot have an air chamber, also called Climalit glass. 

. . The glass can’t be thicker than 12/14 mm. 

. The monitors installed can’t be plasma and have to be equipped with LED or LCD technology.

herramientas escaparate digital

Preparation and cleaning the interactive window display

Keeping the window clean will be imperative when setting up your interactive window display, so make sure the window where the device is installed is spotless; don’t forget the other side!

You can use a glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol to give it a final clean. The next step is to mark the position of the display and the vinyl frame (using masking tape, for example) at the right level and height, particularly from the outside.

You should also keep in mind that if the window glass is hot from the sun, you will have to add a few drops of pH neutral soap to the distilled water or it will stick too quickly.

Other issues to keep in mind:

Don’t forget to check the temperature of the glass and the distilled water; too much of a contrast could break the glass. Use a spray bottle to apply a layer of water to the glass and then remove it with the scraper.

Reapply a layer of water on the glass and peel the vinyl from the its backing while spraying water on the adhesive side.

Then, place the vinyl on the glass using the marks made as a guide. Spray the vinyl again and use the scraper to apply light pressure from top to bottom. It’s imperative not to twist or damage the vinyl piece. 

Finally, once the vinyl is in the right position, remove any extra water.

Features of the 32” Digital Window Display

979 x 609 x 115

979 x 609 x 115 mm


38 kg

Tactil capacitivo multitactil
10-point multi-touch capacitive touchscreen
Fabricado en alumino
Made in 100 mm aluminium
32” LG line Professional (24/7)
Cristal templado antivandalico
6 mm anti-vandal tempered glass 3+3 laminated safety glass
Conectores USB

USB ports for equipment management



USB ports for equipment management

camara USB

5 Mpx
USB camera with 3.6 mm lens

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