An outdoor digital totem is an extremely powerful tool for promoting products and services on public roads. Strategically placed, they can reach thousands of daily impacts by making the most of the flow of citizens or tourists.
But do you know the requirements and steps needed for their installation? iUrban’s extensive experience in the installation of interactive totems all across Spain means that we’re uniquely qualified to give you a breakdown of the most important steps.

What are the minimum requirements for installing an outdoor interactive totem?

In this section we’ll take a closer look at power supply and connectivity. As hardware that comes with a screen, a computer, and option air conditioning or an UPS (uninterruptible power supply), the interactive totem requires an electrical connection. This connection will go from the totem’s junction box to the power supply by means using a terminal block or plug.
The power supply cable needs to be a 3-core 220VAC cable with a 1.5 mm section and a 10A two-pole thermal magnetic circuit breaker or similar.
Connectivity is required for remote management. Although it is possible to have a mobile connection via a 4G router, depending on coverage, content and update frequency, an internet connection via network cable is usually highly recommended.

Zapata necesaria para anclar soportes digitales como Totems en exterior

How is a totem secured to the ground on a public road?

Since this is an element installed right on the street, it needs to be ultra-stable and solid. This requires construction work to install a footing.

Because of the size and weight of the unit, pre-installation is required at the chosen outdoor location. A footing will be used for this purpose, which includes different anchorages to the ground and a conduit through which both the power supply and the data cable will pass, if applicable.

A boom truck or, alternatively, a crane will be needed for installation. Attached to the footing, the interactive digital totem will be raised about 30 centimetres above the ground before it can be secured.

The outdoor totem is attached to the ground via an anchored footing, which requires a 1000 x 500 x 300 mm trench (measurements may vary depending on the totem). Concrete must be used to anchor the footing according to the conditions explained in Article 71 of the EHE-08:

  • Resistance classes (MPa): 30 – 50.
  • Consistencies (cm): Soft.
  • Maximum aggregate size (mm): 12.20.
  • Exposure environments: IIa, IIb, IIIa, IIIb, IIIc, IV, Qa, Qb, Qc.
  • A recommended mix is 75% gravel + 25% cement, but it depends on the type of soil the totem will be installed on. It does not need to be reinforced.

The various cables installed (electricity and/or data) must be routed before the concrete is poured and the AC condensation needs to be drained to the outside through a pipe in the footing.

Depending on the application, it will be finished with a formwork and backfill with self-levelling mortar or a concrete screed and a layer of cement to level out the surface.

Once installed and positioned on the floor, the nuts need to be screwed onto the studs using fixed spanners or socket spanners with a handle ratchet. The vertical nature of the equipment and its alignment with the footing has to be taken into account, which is why checking whether it is level is vital.

Who is involved in installing an outdoor digital totem pole?

There are three types of professionals who need to be there on the day of installation to ensure that everything is in place and ready to be used by passers-by.

The first is the installation personnel. These operators will install the footing, the cables and the totem according to the specifications outlined in this article.

The IT department will have to verify both totem connectivity and set-up. Although a remote connection is possible, it is always imperative to test the different settings once the device has been installed, and one of the most important of these is the on-site calibration of the touch screen

Finally, there is the tourist centre staff and the content manager or creator. You should always check that the app installed looks and behaves in line with the destination’s promotional strategy.

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