How to boost local businesses: 5 perspectives

Como impulsar el comercio local

Do you find it challenging to boost business?

In this post we suggest ways to  boost local businesses  in your city through five complementary perspectives, helping to give local retailers the tools they need to raise their visibility.

When it comes to boosting local businesses, priority needs be given to business coordination and planning efforts. That means figuring out what communication, loyalty and distribution channels need to be pursued and their corresponding objectives.

The infographic provides a more visual representation of the five proposed methods that you should implement in an efficient and coordinated way.

  • Communication campaigns

Create measures that highlight your advantages as a business by mentioning things like the quality of your products and their source, the service you provide to your customers, your opening hours, etc.

Set short-term, achievable goals. It’s better to take small steps and excel rather than setting hard-to-achieve objectives that will only make you frustrated if you fall short.

Position your communication campaign in the media outlets where your target audience is active, such as local magazines or newspapers, social media, billboards.

  • Manage loyalty


Establish long-term strategies to keep customers coming back to your business on a regular basis. One clear objective in a strategy like this is to create emotional bonds.

Keep in mind that, as a retailer, it’s more expensive to find or attract new customers than to keep the ones you have.

Remember that it’s important to always create a positive experience that will make them want to come back. So how can you measure their degree of satisfaction? You can harness the power of the Cicerone digital adviser

  • Maximise the use of technology

Use helpful and educational tools where your customers can interact directly with your business.

The most common social media sites are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Explore what each has to offer to see which one is the right one for promoting your business.

Already use some of them? Then make sure you’re constantly updating your content: try creating prize draws to give you a competitive edge in getting other potential customers to learn about your business.

Technology isn’t competition for a brick-and-mortar business, but rather an ultra-useful and complementary tool that can help you better run your tourist information centre.

impulsar el comercio local

Update your business to boost trade

Constantly roll out new products or services that will keep your customers more engaged and aware of your business. 

If you find it tough to always have to come with new ideas, cut out products or services that aren’t working for you and try new ones.

Beyond the products/services you offer on-site, you also need to take staff training into account. Want to retain your employees and make sure they perform up to standards? Then update their training. 

You need to be mindful of how you present yourself to the public and your employees are at the forefront of this image.

  • Promote accessibility

Make your products or services accessible to everyone in your area. Show people that it’s not a drawback if they can’t or don’t have the time to come to your establishment.

If hiring distribution staff isn’t a good fit for your business, get in touch with home delivery companies and strike a deal with them.

gestion de una oficina

Boost local business with personalised interactions

The tourist experience is crucial to the success of any business and information centreOffering personalised interactions is crucial when it comes to enhancing the user experience

Take the time to get to know your local customers and understand their needs as you interact with them. 

Use this information to provide tailored recommendations, answer their questions and deliver exceptional service 

This personalised customer service ensures that customers have a positive experience and will build customers’ loyalty to your business.

So, how can you make all this happen? With a solid tourism CRM.

This solution won’t just help you gather tourist data: it will turn them into repeat customers. Build customer loyalty by harnessing the power of the different modules, which include:

. Automated multi-language campaigns after getting tourists’ email address.

. Satisfaction surveys after they have left the destination.

. Promotional campaigns and newsletter.

.  Campaign statistics and results. 

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